Transitions was originally scheduled for May 2020. But a global pandemic intervened. Hoffecker returned from an artist residency in Buenos Aires in mid-March, and immediately went into quarantine. To manage the stress of isolation, she began to grow seeds in trays. Her dining room table became a mini-greenhouse, the seedlings later transplanted into garden beds. When nurseries re-opened, she joined the lineups and came home with more plants and flowers.

about the process

In these new works, I began to use oil paint, which I found to be a fantastic medium for representing plants and natural landscapes. Oil has its own application regime.

Artist Statement

“Rebuilding, decay, erasure, covering and revealing and take place at the same time and are part of my painting practice. I see my process of covering as a metaphor for forgetting and suppressing the past. The process of revealing alludes to a process of remembering and acknowledging, reconciling historic events. Places are overlaid with multiple histories, layers of paint cover and obscure but each coat is also informed by the previous layer.”

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