Artist Statement

I am interested in the amalgamation of abstraction and representation of plant inspired subjects within imagined habitats as liminal spaces. My paintings extend organic shapes within abstracted spaces and imagined landscapes that play with depth, lines, and layers. Organic material analysis and interpretation became part of my exploration process. I am working with oil paints as I use organic imagery as inspiration. Oil paint has a very different application regime than acrylic paint and can be worked with for much longer, allowing me to create subtle gradations. 

Color impacts how I integrate organic ideas with abstract shapes on the canvas. During my years of studying fine art, I engaged in purposeful colour theory research. My approach to color is influenced by colour masters and theorists like Itten, Albers, Goethe and others. I work with flatness and depth both in my shape development, and the paintings’ spatial components. The colour-shape-space decisions energise and further the paintings’ overall compositions.”