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IRA HOFFECKER                                                                              CURRICULUM VITEA AND BIOGRAPHY


Ira Hoffecker is a German-Canadian artist who has resided and maintained her art practice in Victoria, Canada since 2004. She is an active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists.

Ira holds an MFA degree in Creative Practice though Transart Institue, New York, N.Y and Plymouth University in England. Previously, Ira studied art at the Vancouver Island School of Art in Victoria, Canada where she obtained a Diploma of Fine Arts in 2013. Ira achieved a First Class B.A. (Honours) in Fine Art from the University of Gloucestershire, England in 2015.

Ira has exhibited in solo, duo and group exhibitions in England, Canada and Germany. Her recent exhibitions in 2015 and 2016 include ve solo exhibitions in Abingdon/Oxford, England, in Berlin and Hof, Germany, and in Vancouver and Edmonton, Canada.

Ira has also participated in duo exhibitions in London, England and in Northrhine-Westfalia, Germany during the past few years.

In 2015, Ira was one of 20 UK graduates whose work was shortlisted for the Graduate Art Prize in London. She won the rst prize in the juried ‘Abstract Show 2015’ in Vancouver with her paintingAlexanderplatz VIII. Her Camp Moschendorf II painting was shortlisted for the John Moore Painting Prize 2016. The painting was exhibited at the 2016 Liverpool Biennial.

Ira’s lm Meanwhile in La La Land was chosen for the Official Selection at the Manchester Film Festival 2018 and was nominated for Best Documentary at the Back in the Box Film Festival in Los Angeles in 2017. Her video History as Personal Memory was chosen for the Of cial Selection in reserve for the German United Film Festival in Berlin in 2018.




2016 - 2018   Transart Institute accredited though Plymouth University, England

                      M.F.A. August 2018

2014 – 2015    University of Gloucestershire, Cheltenham, England,

            First Class Honours B.A. in Fine Art - June 2015

2013 – 2014    University of Victoria, Canada

            Design, Printmaking, Sculpture and Media Technologies

2012-2013       Emily Carr University in Vancouver, Canada

            Aboriginal B.C. Art History

2007 – 2013    Vancouver Island School of Art, Victoria, Canada

            Diploma of Fine Arts

1981-84,85-86 Sprachen- und Dolmetscher Institut, Munich Germany

            French and Economics





Solo Exhibitions



           - History as Personal Memory. Zack Gallery in Vancouver BC Canada. June/July 

           - History as Personal Memory, The Front Gallery, Edmonton, October 



             -Berlin Identities. Zack Gallery in Vancouver BC Canada. June


            -Urban Identities. The Front Gallery. Edmonton AB Canada, October/November

            -Urbane Welten. Kunstraum Tapir.  Berlin Germany. February



           -Urbane Welten. Ira Hoffecker. Freiheitshalle. Hof Germany, October to December           

           -Urban Settings. Sewell Centre Art Gallery, Radley College, Abington/Oxford, September



            -Urban Layers. 1580 Gallery. Victoria BC Canada. June

            -Urban Layers. Upstairs Gallery. University of Victoria, Victoria BC Canada. March



            -Urban Reflections. The Front Gallery. Edmonton AB Canada, October/November

            -Urban Reflections. The Gallery at Matticks. Victoria BC Canada. July

            -Urban Reflections. The Sooke Harbour House Art Gallery. Sooke BC Canada. April

            -Urban Reflections. Axis Contemorary Art Gallery. Calgary AB Canada.



            -The Gallery at Mattick’s. Victoria BC Canada. May

            -The Gallery at the MAC. Victoria BC Canada. October-December


2011    - Ira Hoffecker – New Paintings. The Sooke Harbour House Art Gallery. Sooke BC Canada. February

 - Urban Settings. The Front Gallery. Edmonton AB Canada, May

 - Urban Settings. Dales Gallery. Victoria BC Canada. October




 - Ira Hoffecker. The Gallery at Matticks. Victoria BC Canada. January



Duo Exhibitions

2016                'URBAN SETTINGS' GALERIE HOFFMANN CONTEMPORARY ART in Rheda-Wiedenbrueck, Germany,

                       March 6TH to April 16th

2015                ‘JOURNEY ELSEWHERE’ with British artist Abbie Phillips, at MENIER GALLERY, LONDON, April 2015

2012                THE FRONT GALLERY in EDMONTON, March 28th to April 12th, 2012

2012                ATTI GALLERY in TORONTO, October 15th to November 26th, 2012

2011                AXIS CONTEMPORARY ART GALLERY in CALGARY, July & August 2011

2011                DALES GALLERY in VICTORIA, April 2011

2010                DALES GALLERY in VICTORIA, April 8th to May 4th, 2010

2010                AXIS CONTEMPORARY ART GALLERY in CALGARY,   October 7th-26th, 2010


Selected Group Exhibitions

2018              Master of Fine Arts Graduation exhibition, Berlin, August 2018

2018              Women in Art, The Front Gallery, Edmonton,Canada, August/September 2018

2018              Sooke Fine Art Show, Sooke Canada, July 2018

2018              History as Personal Memory, Slide Room Gallery, Victoria, February 16th to March 12

2017              Excavating, The Front Gallery Edmonton, August 24 to September 16

2017              To Return Again, The Slide Room Gallery, Victoria, March 10 to April 3rd

2016              Wilson Public Art Gallery, Cheltenham, England, High Street Layers Project,      
                     January 16th to February 21st, with Symposium event on February 12th, 2016   

2015              Ministry of Casual Living, Victoria, December 2015   

2015              Graduate Art Prize 2015, 1 of 20 UK graduates, September-December 2015, London

2015              GALERIE LEO.COPPI, Auguststrasse Berlin, Germany, BERLINER BILDER,  June to August

2015              VISA Alumni Juried Exhibition at Winchester Galleries Victoria, July 25-August 8

2015              B.A. (honors) in FINE ART Graduation Exhibition at Hardwick Campus,    
                     UNIVERSITY OF GLOUCESTERSHIRE, Cheltenham, England, May 29th to June 23rd

2015              B.A. (honors) in FINE ART Graduation Exhibition at Free Range Gallery Space,    
                      London, England, June 24th to June 30th

2015                “ABSTRACT SHOW” - juried group show in Vancouver,  FEDERATION OF CANADIAN ARTISTS,
                      April 2015, 1st PRIZE

2015                INTERSPACE - group exhibition in the project space of the University of Gloucestershire, March

2014                ART GALLERY OF GREATER VICTORIA,  July, Summer Small Works group show, Massey Gallery

2014               "ABSTRACT SHOW" - juried group show in Vancouver, FEDERATION OF CANADIAN ARTISTS    

                       April 2014, 2nd PLACE for Ira's HAMBURG HARBOUR painting             

2014                Sooke Fine Art Show, Juried Exhibition, July 2014

2014                ART GALLERY OF GREATER VICTORIA, Massey Gallery, July 2014, Summer Small Works group show

2014                Active Member show at the FEDERATION OF CANADIAN ARTISTS Gallery in Vancouver, January 2014

2013                The Red Show at GRANVILLE FINE ART GALLERY IN VANCOUVER, February 2013

2013                Active Member show at the Federation of Canadian Artists Gallery in Vancouver,January

2013                DIPLOMA OF FINE ARTS GRADUATION EXHIBITION, Slide Room Gallery, Victoria, BC, June

2012                PAINTING ON THE EDGE juried group exhibition in Vancouver in August ($1000 award)

2012                U8 exhibition, SOPA FINE ARTS GALLERY IN KELOWNA in April 2012

2012                GRANVILLE FINE ARTS GALLERY in Vancouver, Christmas Group Exhibition, December

2012                SIDNEY FINE ART SHOW, October 12th to 14th, 2012, Sidney, BC, (Honourable Mention)

2012                SOOKE FINE ART SHOW, July 28th to August 6th, 2012 – (JUROR’S AWARD)

2012                1580 GALLERY IN VICTORIA in April 2012

2012                Victoria International  Airport with the ART GALLERY OF GREATER VICTORIA, July to December 2012

2011                U8 exhibition SOPA FINE ARTS GALLERY in Kelowna April 2011

2011                Sooke Fine Art Show, juried art exhibition, July/August 2011

2011                Sidney Fine Art Show, juried art exhibition, September 2011, (Honourable Mention)         

2011                Victoria International Airport, November and December 2011

2011                DALES GALLERY in Victoria in December 2011

2010                Sooke Fine Art Show 2010 - juried art exhibition, July 23rd to August 1st        

2010                U 8 Event at SOPA FINE ARTS GALLERY in Kelowna in April 2010

2010                Sidney Fine Art Show, juried art exhibition, September 2010

2010                AGNES BUGERA GALLERY in Edmonton, June 2010

2009                Sidney Fine Art Show. juried art exhibition in October 2009

2008                Anatomy of Greys at the SLIDE ROOM GALLERY in Victoria, October 2008

2007                Inter Alia – Installation Project at THE SLIDE ROOM GALLERY in Victoria




Awards and Scholarships:

2016                Ira's Camp Moschendorf painting was shortlisted for the British John Moores Painting prize and is

                       currently exhibited at Liverpool's Walker Art Gallery


2015                Together with 19 further graduates, Ira’s work was chosen for the Graduate Art Prize 2015 in London,              
                       out of several hundred graduates from 30 UK universities

2015                1st place at the ‘Abstract exhibition’ with my painting Alexanderplatz VIII by the Federation of
                       Canadian Artists in Vancouver in April 2014.

2015                3 months residency in Berlin at Takt Artist Residency Programme,                                                    
                       January 5th to March 31st, 2016

2014                $ 6.000 scholarship from the BC Arts Council for my BFA studies in England

2012                Juror's award at the Sooke Fine Art Show 

2012                $ 1,000 First Prize Opus Award at the PAINTING ON THE EDGE,
                       Juried, International Art Show in Vancouver

2011                Honourable Mention – Sidney Fine Art Show, juried Art exhibition, Sidney BC

2011                Honourable Mention – Look Show 2011, Community Arts Council, Victoria BC

2009                Honourable Mention – Look Show 2009, Community Arts Council, Victoria BC


Selected publicity


  • cover and several pages article in the fall issue of the Jewish Senior Magazine
  • 1 page in the Jewish Independent in June 2016
  • 1/2 page in regional newspaper DIE GLOCKE, discussing Ira's work and announcing the exhibition at Galerie Hoffmann Contemporary Art , March 6th to April 15th, 2016
  • ½ page in regional newspaper HOFER ANZEIGER, discussing Ira’s work and announcing the exhibition in the public art gallery
  • ¼ in the HOFER ANZEIGER, regional daily newspaper in Germany, March 2015 announcing my upcoming solo exhibition in the fall and my first prize win in Vanvouver at the ABSTRACT SHOW from the Federation of Canadian Artists
  • ½ page Times Colonist, regional daily newspaper Victoria BC, November 2012
  • COVER PAGE and cover story of Vancouver Island FOCUS magazine, November 2012
  • Ira Hoffecker - THE ARTIST TO COLLECT – Summer edition 2013 of nationwide ARABELLA MAGAZINE,
  • 1 page Article in monthly BOULEVARD Magazine May 2012
  • TV clip from Chek News Island 30 that was aired on April 1st, 2010
  • Times Colonist, review by Robert Amos, October 15th, 2011
  •  Exhibit TV in May 2012, The Gallery at Matticks:
  • -  a feature that was published on Vic42 in April 2013. Vic42 is an internet platform that introduces people from Victoria and other cities in BC
  • Exhibit TV Victoria in April 2010, at Dales Gallery in Victoria:




Ira was born and raised in Bavaria, Germany. She studied French and Economics at the Muenchener Sprachen- und Dolmetscher Institut in Munich (1981 to 1984 and 1985 to 1986) and worked as a translator in Dreux in France (1984-1985) before she became head of publicity at Warner Bros. Germany.

Before Ira started to study art, she worked as a freelance marketing consultant with her own Hamburg based company for the movie industry. Her company worked for Warner Bros., Walt Disney Company, Columbia Pictures, Constantin Film, Fox, United Artists and for several other production companies in Germany and Los Angeles. From 1987 to 2004 Ira helped to promote more than 520 movies. After her professional film industry career Ira was finally able to turn intensively to what has been her lifelong interest, art. She studied art at the Vancouver Island School of Art and gained her Diploma of Fine Arts in May 2013. From 2012 to 2013 Ira also took Aboriginal BC Art History at Emily Carr University in Vancouver. She went then on to study Fine Art at the University of Victoria and then in 2014 at the University of Gloucestershire where she is gained a First Class B.A. (hons) degree in Fine Art in June 2015.

From beginning of January to the end of March 2016 Ira has been invited to a three months residency to Berlin’s TAKT ARTISTS RESIDENCIES programme. She has now started with her MFA studies at Transart Institute through Plymouth university.